Pile Foundation Project


Pile foundation engineering construction method to improve the bearing capacity of soft soil pile driving engineering method. The effect of pile is to transfer the load of the upper structure to the deep soil layer on bearing capacity is bigger, also can adopt the method of compaction or squeeze real soft soil, increase the bearing capacity of the soil, so as to ensure the stability of the building, reduce the settlement. (One station foundation drilling .)

Pile foundation can be divided into two types: end bearing pile and friction pile.

The former refers to the pile through the soft soil and reach the rock or hard soil;

The latter refers to the pile hanging in the soil and bearing the weight by using the friction between the pile and the soil

The characteristics of

  1. Pile foundation construction workload is large, generally a project to the construction of dozens to hundreds of piles, and often need to be completed in a short time, pile into more procedures, need to cooperate with more work.

  2. Most of the construction sites are very limited, or even very small, while the site has more equipment and facilities, more materials and frequent movement of pore-forming and perfusion equipment.

  3. When drilling holes with washing fluid, the site is not easy to dry and level, and the amount of slag discharge is large.

  4. Because of the great fluidity of pile foundation construction, temporary erected lines are mostly used in the site, and municipal power supply is introduced as power and lighting.

  5. The outdoor operation of pile foundation construction is greatly affected by the natural conditions, and the construction conditions are different from one project to another.

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