Drilling Reports


About Drilling:

1. Use special drilling tools (PDC bit or Tricone bit, drilling tool) to break up the rock in the stratum to form a well and reach the target layer, which is drilling.

In general:

  • The well depth within 1500 meters is shallow well.

  • 1500-2800 meters is a medium-deep well.

  • 2,800-4,000 meters deep well;

  • Over 4000 meters are ultra-deep Wells;

2. There are many types of Wells for various purposes. The common ones are general production Wells (vertical Wells) :

The hole drilled is vertical and is called a vertical well.

Since the ideal vertical well does not exist, the field specifies standards such as drilling engineering.

If the following conditions are met, a straight well can be identified as qualified.

Directional wells and horizontal wells:

The method of drilling along the pre-designed borehole axis to reach the target layer is called directional drilling.

Drilling method, there are three basic parameters (drilling three elements) :

Bit pressure: the pressure applied to the bit.

Supplied by weight of drill string.

The amount of bit pressure is determined by the bit’s bearing capacity, the weight the drill string can provide, the hole mass requirements, and the higher rate of penetration.

GREAT has designed different types of PDC bits for directional Wells.

High efficiency drilling, high ROP and more footage have been achieved.

At the same time, the PDC bit produced by GREAT can be repaired more frequently, which greatly saves the overall drilling cost.

Because GREAT very strict selection of high-quality raw materials steel and PDC cutters, and has a special processing technology, bit effect is also received by the customer’s praise.

Drilling in day and night, GREAT provides 7/24 service online.