2018 GREAT training record-self-improvement


    As we all know, the operation of many electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones is fast and effective,depending on the two aspects of hardware and software configuration.

    The rapid and steady development of production enterprises is also decided by two aspects, that is, the high-end equipment technology and excellent management system.

    With the international advanced level of equipment and production line, GREAT can produce underground drilling products with good performance advantages. At the same time, the leading group of GREAT also pays great attention to the continuous optimization and progress of the whole enterprise management system, and often organizes a variety of targeted management learning.

    On the afternoon of March 24th, in the multi-functional conference hall of the GREAT office building, a professional teacher gave the leaders of the company on “how to improve self ability”.

    The course runs through several links,explaining how to manage time properly and improve work efficiency so as to improve work ability.

    Everyone cherishes every training and study, and takes an active and serious part in the course. After learning, we will apply it to work and life in a timely manner according to the situation. This training will surely bring us surprise progress and give gretel more motivation to move forward.

  For more progress, please look forward to………