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Tricone bit IADC 537 drilling record


537 Tricone Bit Increases Drilling Efficiency in Challenging in quartz sandstone
Bit drills entire 541-ft section at average speed of10.36ft/hr

An operator working in the SUJIATUN BLOCK in Northeast china challenged IADC537 todrill the extra hard quartz sandstone formation,and the angle-build- up section in a single bit run.

For this run,which kicked off in quartz sandstone and landed in the A-POINT(sandstone), GREAT recommended a IADC537 Tricone  Bit8½-in.

One 537Tricone  Bit drilled the entire angle-build-up section(from7383ft to 7928ft),the angle from 28 deg to 45.8 deg ,at an average speed of 10.36ft/hr (with the PDMS for long sliding drilling),the efficiency Steer-ability saved 22-hours in the angle-build-up section.
When  pulled  from  the  hole ,the8½-in  tricone  bit had no damage on the teeth structure,and only a few wear trace on the leg-pads

Improved drilling efficiency and penetration rates in the extra hard quartz sandstone formation,and the angle-build- up section
Reduced drilling time and cost
Optimized  gauge  to reduce bit walk and NPT
Extra gauge protection to extend the drilling time in directional section

Well background and challenges
SU JIA TUN BLOCK in northeast china
Operator used the PDMS for the directional section.the drill string cannot be rotated in such a long section,the bit steer-ability in sliding mode is one of the major concerns
The extra hard quartz sandstone formation requires the crushing- ability of the bit.

GREAT solution and results
One tricone  drill bit drilled the entire angle-build-up section
Completed the angle-build- up section in three days (compared to4to5 days)

BIT was removed from the hole in good condition