Congratulations to Great drilling speed-up tool – Torkbuster, which has entered the stage of mass production


In order to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost for drilling enterprises, Great has engaged the authoritative persons in this field to develop a new type of drilling speed increasing tool Torkbuster. Through the operation test in many aspects, the effect is remarkable and has been praised by many drilling personnel. In order to better meet the actual needs of drilling


The Torkbuster can convert the kinetic energy of drilling fluid into the torque directly applied on the bit, reduce the stick-slip movement of the bit through the conversion, improve the ROP, protect the bit, prolong the service life of the bit, and reduce the fatigue of the drill string components.


In the process of many drilling experiments, Great bit and Great Torkbuster not only increase the service life of the bit, but also reduces the cost and improves the efficiency for customers, which is highly praised by customers