In clay/shale drilling environments, where balling of PDC cutters/blades limit the bit performance seriously, the bit balling triggers lower ROP while drilling, swabbing while triping.etc

In conventional drilling ,the operators lower the RPM &WOB,enhance the SPM to combat bit balling with sacrificing the drilling efficiency.

With investigating in balling bit in amount of wells ,the solution was found by the GREAT engineers, they designed an anti-balling bit, the GS1604T PDC bit.

Bit specification


Only four blades for the JFA (junk flowed area)

Increase cuttings evacuations with available hydraulic flows .

Provide dual cutter rows without sacrificing the aggressiveness of the bit with only 4 blades,acquiring desired ROP and bit durability without bit balling

Multi-optimizing force balance for cutting structure,Increasing the bit stability and cutting efficiency during drilling

Dynamic flow simulation technology is used for hydraulic design and optimizing the number and placement of nozzles to ensure optimum bottom hole flow patters and anti-balling.

Advanced hardfacing material enhanced increased the abrasion resistant and erosion resistant.

The advanced GRT series cutters to endure frictional heat generated during the drilling process,improvements in cutters abrasion resistance maintains sharp drilling edge for a higher ROP.

Option Features

Gauge length

Short:Improved bit steerability and tool face control for directional or horizontal drilling, reduce slide section by achieve builds more quickly.

Extend:Enhances bit stability and allows more area for gauge protection components, improves bole hole quality.


Active gauge

Protect the gauge and improved hole quality


PDC Cutters

Different features of PDC cutters can be chosen in different wells or formations for both drill efficiency and economic

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