GREAT -Nigeria Exhibition Forecast 2019


Nigeria is also one of the major oil producers in Africa. The enormous development potential of the oil and gas industry in Nepal has created a good opportunity for the Chinese oil, gas and petrochemical equipment manufacturers to export to the Nigerian market.This exhibition is a good platform for Chinese enterprises to enter the Nigerian market and tap the potential of cooperation.


GREAT exhibitors information is as follows,warmly welcome new and old customers to visit and guide.


The (WAIPEC) exhibition hall in Nigeria has an area of 7856 square meters, with an estimated flow of nearly 10,000 people and nearly 200 exhibitors. It is sponsored by the UK GEP Convention and Exhibition Company in conjunction with the UK DMG Exhibition Group. The official participation and support of the Nigerian Petroleum Association is rare. Since its inception, the exhibition has grown in scale and influence, and has developed into a large, influential oil and gas exhibition in Africa, which has been radiating to Kenya, Algeria, Libya and other North African major oil production countries and regions.


In 2018, GREAT participated in more than 10 professional exhibitions, such as domestic and foreign oil equipment and non-excavation, and accumulated a large number of customer service experience and more professional product knowledge. I hope you will continue to pay attention to GREAT, and look forward to better attitude, better performance and better service system to serve our customers in 2019.