Exellent Staff Awards 2018


In 2018, GREAT exceeded its target with sales volumn 169 million Yuan, doubling sales and tripling exports compared with 2017, which present  employees and society a satisfactory answer.   
It is not temporary for such a rapid development. GREAT people are always “shovel-ready” . During this period, a number of middle and high-level manager and excellent employees emerged, who are loyal to the enterprise without expecting extra return. 


Yin Yane, General Manager of PDC department ,worked hard and never ask for pay-back by working overtime since she joined in GREAT 8 years ago. She has trained a number of excellent technicians and managers and led a united team. 


Zhang Qi, Vice President of GREAT, is a young girl, but she takes the factory as her home and devotes herself to the development of the enterprise. She grows rapidly after the enterprise relocates. She never talks about personal gains. Everything asigned to her returned a  satisfactory result.


The company decided fo praise the most exellenet staff who have peerformed outstandingly in 2018 and award each a KIA K2 car. 

At the same time GREAT doubles its development every year. Our CEO Mr.Zhang never forgets the efforts of the old employees. He is grateful to every staff who has make efforts in the front line so provides a development platform for every staff and responds to the national policy firstly and pays insurance for his employees. In 2019, we constantly improve the incentive mechanism. Then we take out eight cars to reward outstanding staff. GREAT strives to make progress and return to the staff and society.