9 1/2″ IADC537

Pilot Bit 9 1/2″ IADC537

Bit specification


Cutting Structure

Reinforcing the comprehensive mechanical properties of cutting tooth by using high quality tungsten carbide inserts of new formula and new techniques of insert bit.


Gauge Structure

The multiple heel position with gauge trimmer on the heel, tungsten carbide and hardfacing on the shirttail, strengthened spear point will enhance the gauge protection.


Bearing Structure

High precision journal bearing with two thrust faces. Ball locked cone. Hardfaced head bearing surface. Cone bearing inlaid with friction reducing alloy and then silver-plated. Abrasion resistance and seizure resistance of the bearing are improved, and suitable for high rotary speed.

Option Features

Seal and Lubrication

The bearing seal is adapting the high quality HNBR O-ring. The best seal compression and the radial seal structure can enhance the seal performance. The compensation system and the high quality bit grease can limit pressure differential, and greatly increase the lubricating reliability.


Product Predominance

It can absorb high WOB in the conventional drilling. It is for various formations drilling by matching different teeth shape, teeth density and cutting exposure structure.

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