A new pattern to prevent & solve the down hole complication situation.

Supply a safety & efficiency drilling environment.

Reduce a large mount of NPT(non production time).

Absolute guarantee for smooth tripping and clean borehole.

Bit specification


Fast drilling in the soft formation,limited by the length of the bit gauge,the bore hole trajectory is irregular,this situation caused bit bouncing, high torque and drag .

The Crocodile Reamer can trim the irregular well side by scraping the tight,key- seating.etc sections to make the side smooth.

The “full coverage”cutters roundly cutting the needless rocks

Special shaped cutters on the reamer supply series supporting point on the contact between the BHA and hole wall,it can reduce the radial vibration.

Option Features

We supply three types of PDC reamer in different size:


Reamer in BHA

Trimming the borehole walls

Stabilizing the BHA while drilling.

Replace the stabilizer and better than stabilizer.

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