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        • 产品名称: 12-1/4" GMB1606
        • 上架时间: 2015-04-28
        • Views : 416

          Product Parameter  
          Bit Type 12-1/4" GMB1606
          Reaming Size 12-1/4"
          Pass Thru Size 10-1/2"
          Pilot Bit Size 8-1/2"
          Primary Cutter Size Φ16 mm
          Nozzle Qty.&Type 3NZ
          Connection 6-5/8” API REG
          Make up Torque 51.7~56.9 KN·m
          Operating Parameters  
          Rotary Speed 60~260 rpm
          Weight on Bit 30~160 KN
          Max. WOB 180 KN
          Flow Rate 35~70 lps
          Features The design of medium parabolic crown, heavy cutters density and diamond gauge, make the bi-center PDC bit has good abrasive resistance and long service life.
          Application Designed for easy shrinking interval and expansive formations. Medium to medium hard formations with abrasive.