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        • Product: 6-1/4" GS1606S
        • Register Date: 2015-02-12
        • Views : 488

          Product Parameter  
          Bit Type 6-1/4” GS1606S
          IADC Code S323
          Number of Blade 6
          Primary Cutter Size Φ16 mm
          Nozzle Qty.&Type 6NZ
          Gauge Length 48 mm
          Connection 3-1/2” API REG
          Make up Torque 10.4~11.4 KN·m
          Operating Parameters  
          Rotary Speed 60~260 rpm
          Weight on Bit 10~50 KN
          Max. WOB 110 KN
          Flow Rate 10~30 lps
          Features Spiral six blades design, the rational allocation of different functions medium size cutters, so that the PDC bit has a strong offensive and abrasive resistance. High quality arc PDC cutter gauge, reduce the abrasion of rock on the bit’s body, increase wear resistance and stability of the drill gauge. Brazing high wear resistance PDC cutters at specific angle, when resistance during trip-out and back reaming in easy shrinking interval, it can effectively remove the obstacles, protect the bit body from harm.
          Application Medium to medium hard formation with high compressive strength and abrasive streak, such as Mudstone, Limestone, Anhydrite, Calcareous sandstone, Sandstone and so on.