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Mixture cutter arrangement of the conventional & ridged cutters made the drilling more efficiency and more economical.


Ridged diamond element bits utilize the newest cutting element with a unique ridge-shaped geometry. These elements combine the shearing action of conventional PDC cutters with the crushing action of tungsten carbide inserts (TCI).This cutting method achieves at least 25% deeper penetration,removing more formation to provide higher  ROP when using the same WOB and rpm applied to conventional PDC cutters. The diamond table on the element ridge, which is 65% thicker than that of a conventional cutter, gives the ridged element increased frontal impact resistance. For operators, this means that the bit delivers improved durability and dull condition for maximum ROP throughout the run. Field tests of the bit have demonstrated up to 25% improvement in ROP compared with similar bit designs using conventional PDC cutters, resulting in significant rig time and cost savings for operators. The reduced cutting force required by ridged elements translates to less overall torque, reduced reactive torque fluctuation, and better toolface control in curve applications. This advantage enables better build rates and higher overall ROP, helping maximize production zone exposure and minimize NPT by delivering better trajectory and well placement.


In several drilling ,the cutters wearing come up in the nose and shoulder area at first, however, cutters inner taper are in good condition after pull out of the hole,displace the cutters in the inner taper to conventional cutters made the cutter more economical with- out sacrificing the drilling efficiency.


While drilling conjunction with the motor or RSS, the tool face control, reduce reactive torque should take into consideration,and the stability of the tool face while slipping in motor drilling is very important ,according to analyzing the implementing of the bit and use the FEA software, the engineers discovery distributing the conventional cutters in the inner taper area can deliver less reactive torque fluctuation and improves tool face control.


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