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        About Cangzhou Great Drill Co., ltd

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        Cangzhou Great Drill Co., ltd (be called for short GREAT)Located in Junziguan Industrial zone , Hejian, beijing-tianjin-hebei metropolitan economic circles ,the hinterland of North China Plain ,The registered capital of 32 million Chinese Yuan .

        Modern GREAT presented the world in 2010 with brand-new posture. the company scale expands unceasingly, the staff troop expanded gradually, It has 175 employees now .The Professionals and management team become the backbone force. Company striding forward in booming development trend.

        Great specializes in Modern oil drilling tools research and development,designing and manufacturing, marketing and technical service .Keep on launching professional-quality new products ,Our current main products are high-performance oil diamond bit, engineering drill, etc.

        Now we have high performance diamond bit production line which equiped with advanced technology and equipment , standard management system .It ranging from 3"to 17-1/2"and Formed large-scale production for all kinds of oil diamond bit .

        For Our products production and inspection, we strictly in accordance with API specification and industry quality standards . according to the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001 established quality assurance and environmental management system.provides a solid guarantee system for the best quality products and the company's efficient operation .Great bit have been sold to domestic and international numerous fields,The Quality of products has been fully affirmed and recognized in every customer, and even got the achievements in oil well penetration performance, etc.

        GREAT adhere to the strength-type and growth-type enterprises .Strive to create a learning enterprise management mode , Direction to the talent type high science and technology enterprises.

        Companies adhere to the people-oriented scientific development ideology and concept of development, adhere to the staff is the biggest wealth, can promote the enterprise to success.

        Adhere to morality - first , ability and moral integrity personnel selecting principle ,give chance for the people who want to do , supply the stage for the people who can do , give encourage to the people who achieving it. Ever since its establishment,Has formed a very good situation that many professionals constantly get together from oil drilling equipment tools and the associated industries .

        Great has a creative and professional integrity, unity and hard work team spirit.Formed the company enterprise culture connotation -- inquiring,forge ahead with determination,independently minded. In order to promote an interactive and spiral development in the enterprise,we must Improve the enterprise internal elements, ideals and self-compression.”begins drilling requirements and ends with customer satisfaction”. Great is not the initiator of the slogan , but we are persistent.So , we will insist on our professional, quality and good faith, With innovative technology products and services, to meet different needs of domestic and overseas customers .

        Operate enterprise, create brand, professional and locking in the future

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