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        Element Six Company's visit

        Writer:GREATSource:GREAT PDC BIT Number of visits: Date:2013-04-27


        Element Six visited our company and hold the cooperation meeting to build our further cooperation Relations.


        The Element Six Company visited our Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co.,ltd on 22th, April, 2013.

        To build our further cooperation relations, we hold an important meeting for several hours about our further cooperation on E6 PDC Cutters.


        At the meeting, we introduced our company growth to each other first.

        Then about the E6 PDC Cutters' drilling effects, we carried on the deep discussion.

        E6 SiX company's technicak staff also made the detailed introduction about their newest products. 


        At last, we reached an agreement about our further cooperation, we believe our GREAT PDC BITS will be more and more greater. 

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