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        LOGO Change

        Number of visits: Date:2014-10-22


        Dear Customers 

        Thanks for your support to Great all the time!

        As the company’s comprehensive strength and brand influence improves gradually, the old logo is   complex and hard to distinguish. The company has designed and registered a new logo for further im-  proving the company’s image internationally, establishing industry brand and promoting logo identifia-   bility and communication. The new logo will be released as of today.



                      Previous logo                                                                      Current logo


        The black diamond shape is transformed by first letter “G” of GREAT, which represents steady and    powerful Cangzhou Great Drill Bits. Setting up 5 white letters “GREAT” on the crown is more easy to       identify and propagate. The oil dripping shape in the middle represents the company’s industry chara-   cteristics and business mission. The shining metallic luster represents Great people’ activity, passion   and the company full of vigor and vitality.

        New image, new developing! The company has always keep its force to design, develop PDC drill    bits and contribute to customers more high quality products and service. Thanks for your support and     trust once again!

        The company is changing the website, product publicity, technical information and cards depending on the official website. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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