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2018 Great event memorabilia -- green and remanufacturing industry summit in China and UK


From March 11 to 13, the china-uk green manufacturing and remanufacturing industry development summit was held in our city. During

the summit, Chinese and foreign experts and leading enterprises attended the meeting exchanged views on the development and

cooperation of remanufacturing, and held the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation in the

remanufacturing industry between China and the UK. The summit also marks a solid step towards internationalization of the re-

manufacturing industry in various industries of our city.


In this spring season, the three day summit of China UK Green

Manufacturing and remanufacturing industry is held in Hejian City, from the

Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and

technology, the EU remanufacturing Commission, the British Innovation

Agency, the British Embassy in China and other remanufacturing industries,

leading enterprises, scientific research institutes, and government agencies.

A total ofmore than 300 participants attended the summit.


According to the summit process, more than 300 delegates visited several

large enterprises with high-end intelligent remanufacturing industry. As a

leading enterprise in the drill industry, GREATreceived a perfect visit to the

company from the summit delegation on the 12th.


Visit the finished products center

Visit the old bits repair center

Visit the old bits repair center


During the visit, city leaders gave full recognition to GREAT's international production process and management system, and other

representatives from all walks of life also had in-depth exchanges with GREAT.


The leading group of GREAT, adhering to

his own dedication and perseverance,

complies with the situation of domestic

and international economic development,

and continuously introduces advanced

technology, which will make the road of

the enterprise wider and wider, and go



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