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Congratulations on GREAT opening ceremony and thankful was a success

The famous singers are singing on the opening ceremony


GREAT welcome all the talented person and all

the technologies to join us, and  innovation-

driven developing,transformation and upgrading

to make us stronger.By the unremitting efforts in

the two years, the opening ceremony finally is

coming on the 26th May 2017 in Hejian city.


With the land-use right was allowed on 12th

May 2015,all the construction projects were

entering a substantial stage in continuously:

the projects were lay a foundation on 26th May, the builder’s license was approved on 19th

June, Started the building in official on 20th

June, the office building was finished until the

end of 2015 and the infrastructure and the

auxiliary projects were finished in Oct 2016.


The customers signed and took pictures on the opening ceremony

Located all the machines were beginning on 29th Oct 2015 and we had arrived the manufacturing conditions at Jan 2017.From that, we finished

our factory with cover an area of 40000㎡ and the building area is 35000㎡.And the production line was announced completed which have the

ability to manufacture more than 10 thousand PDC Drill Bits every year and the production line with several mzark ,five-axi linkage machines

which are famous in the world.

The second president Mr Wejing Liu is

speaking on the begin of opening ceremony


Cangzhou GREAT Drill BitsCo.,Ltd was founded in 2010,

and we are always insisting on the independent R & D to

become the High and New tech enterprise both with the

design and sales of the oil products.


And we are one of the biggest drill bits manufacturers in



The buffet on the opening ceremony


The CEO Mr Guocheng Zhang is drawing the eyes for the

sleeping lion.


The dinner for thankful on the opening ceremony


The general manager Mr Zhankui Zhang (in the

front of first right)is watching the ceremony.

The famous singers are singing on the opening ceremony


The ribbon-cutting on the opening ceremony